How to Create a Staff Appreciation Award Program

Just put yourself in your employee’s shoes. They go to work every single day with a smile on their face and you trust them to do the best job that they can do.

Sure, you pay them their wages, but what more can you do to show them that you appreciate the work they put in?

Host a staff appreciation award program to recognize those employees that go above and beyond to build a healthy corporate culture.

Celebrating your employees has a positive impact on your workplace environment. It will create a lot of positive emotions that your coworkers can share between themselves as well as clients or customers.

Keep reading for our guide on how to create the best staff award program that will recognize all of your greatest employees.

Staff Appreciation Award Program

The First Steps for Staff Appreciation

Your first step in planning a staff appreciation program is figuring out what you want to recognize your employees for and how you want to reward them. Think about the reason why you want to run a staff appreciation program. Do you want to increase teamwork or innovation?

Determine the goals of your employees, and then base your reward program around those goals. A reward program can help to keep your employees motivated, engaged and productive.

You will also want to think about the cost of your reward program before you establish it. Companies have found that they spend less than 1% of their payroll on staff appreciation. Your best bet is to find something that works for your company and stick with it.

A good thing to think about when planning your reward program is to determine if it will be cost and time effective in the long run. If you’re currently a small company and want to write personalized notes to recognize all your employees, then that’s great to start with. But what if you expand and you’re unable to spend the time creating these.

Get Management Support

Don’t start a reward program unless you have approval and support from management. Do as much research as possible before you go to management. You will want to present them with all of the facts to gain their support.

Explain to them that an employee reward program won’t cost as much money as they think. Come up with good ideas for your employees that won’t cost too much for your business. A good point to bring up is that a study has shown 65% of employees have not received any form of recognition for their job within a year.

Explain to Your Employees

Explaining the program to your employees may be the most difficult step. You will want them to understand each aspect of the reward program so they don’t get confused later on.

Letting them know about the reward program will also help to boost their work ethic so they have a chance to earn the reward. Rewards programs will help to give your employees more positive emotions and a will to work better for you and your company.

Create a Committee

If you have management approval or you are management, you may want to create a committee to help you plan the employee appreciation rewards program. This committee needs to consist of a few different levels of your staff.

Creating a committee is a good way to find out what will motivate your employees to strive for the reward without having to guess. On the other hand, if you work with a small company then you may just want to talk to your employees and see what they want.

Talk About It

A great way to find out what drives your employees and what they want to be recognized for is just to ask them. Talk to your employees and find out what they feel like they’re doing well. This is a good way to keep your employees motivated at doing what they already do best.

Even expressing the thought of a rewards program could have a positive impact on your employees and their work regimen, but make sure to follow through with it.

The Rewards

When it comes to deciding what the rewards for your employees should be, there are many different options.

One of the best ways to recognize your employee’s achievements is with a glass award. This will make them feel special, and it also stands out. You can browse awards with Fine Awards to see all of the beautiful ways to recognize your employees.

Another way to recognize the great things your employees do is publically such as sending an email recognizing them or posting a sign in a common area. You could also recognize them privately.

People also love an incentive that involves money when it comes to rewards programs. You can offer a promotion to the employee who stands out the most. Another thing to do is offer a money incentive such as additional pay or a gift card to a desirable place.

Money may be an important factor when it comes to recognizing your employees but it doesn’t have to be the only way. Especially if you can’t offer it, you should look for free ways to show your employees recognition.

Decide Who to Choose

The hardest part of your employee appreciation award program is probably going to be choosing who the winner will be. You could have one winner or maybe the top three. There are many different ways to choose.

You could pick the person who receives the most customer feedback because then you will know that they made an impact on customers. Or you could have your employees vote to see who deserves the award the most. Your other option could be to choose the person on your own by surveying all of your employees and learning their work ethic.

Staff Appreciation Is Important

Regardless of how you decide to show it, staff appreciation is very important for you and your company. It helps to keep your employees motivated, engaged and productive.

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