How to Create a Healthy and Productive Office Environment

Designing an office is always a more expensive and more complicated process than a business owner plans it to be. This is because an office needs to be a lot of things at once. It needs to be a place of business set up so that the employees can perform their daily tasks.

At the same time, it’s a property that’s used to entertain guests and clients and present your company to them, which means it also needs to project a certain image. It’s possible to do all of this at once, but only if you keep the health and the productivity of your employees as a top priority.

Create a Healthy and Productive Office Environment

Personal space

An office needs to be a collaborative space and emphasizing this feature has led to the rise of the open plan office. Even though it’s an attractive model and has some democratic tendencies behind it, open plan offices usually aren’t suited for actual dedicated work and many employees prefer to have a personal space.

It’s this personal touch that should be the main unit of productive work in your company and you should design your office with the needs of an individual employee at the center.


Lighting is a key feature of office design because it sets the mood and the tone for the whole room. For office tasks that don’t require burning midnight oil, it’s best to keep the office lit with natural light as much as possible. That’s the healthiest option and it creates a great view that you can use, as a selling point for your office.

If you plan to mitigate the effect of having too many windows around the office, you should purchase and install shutters from Sydney, and add tasks lights around the office.

Standing desks

One of the worst things a healthy person could do for their body is to sit for hours without interruption. Most office work looks just like that and those who work for years under such conditions feel the consecutions. An easy fix for this problem is to install standing desks for all of your employees that ask for them.

These desks aren’t cheap, especially when they are compared to ordinary furniture but it’s an investment in your employee’s health and safety and that’s something you can’t put a price on. Also, you want to be known as a company that cares about those who work for it.


An office garden used to be a luxury, and only few companies were able to afford; but now, it’s a much more common perk companies use to attract the best employees out there and to show off a bit. These could be decorative and mostly used for taking a break and have a refreshing walk now and then, but many choose to go a step further and actually grow their own produce for the employee.

That’s an easy way to cut back on the costs your employees have on snacks and to show that you care about their dietary needs. It’s also a fun project for the whole team.

Free time

In the end, one of the biggest health issues busy people face is burnout that comes with working too hard. The company should have this in mind and create an environment to mitigate it.

The best way to help those with a burnout syndrome is to make sure they have enough free time on a regular basis as well as to get more of it when they feel the burnout coming in.

Creating a healthy and productive office environment should be your first concern. It’s something you could do without too much spending just by have the needs of your employees in mind.