How to Choose The Right Child Safety Seat for Business

Child Safety seat is something every parent must take his/her time to choose. Unlike other children’s stuff you pick in the store, It is very important to be through when picking a safety seat for your child because there are laws already laid down for you to follow.

In Europe, the car seat laws state that every child must seat in a child safety seat while in transit.

To make the right choice, here are things to consider before buying a child safety seat:

Safety Seat for Business

  1. Test and Approval

The thing to consider before purchasing a child safety seat is the testing and approval of the car seat.

Whatever product you’re buying, make sure it is adequately tested to see the impact a crash will have on it. In Australia, the CREP states that every child safety seat must be tested and approved before use. Throughout the test, you get to see how child’s torso, neck, head and spine will be affected if there’s any impact on the vehicle.

Aside from this, don’t be too much in a hurry that you forget to read the safety features that comes with the car seat.

  1. The Child’s age and height

Child’s safety seats come in different sizes for different age groups. Therefore, it’s important to consider the type of car seat that will be convenient for your child. Some types of child safety seats are:

Baby Car Seat: A baby car seat is for kids below 12 months. If your child’s head is reaching the uppermost of the baby car seat, it means that the child has outgrown the car seat.

Rare Facing Car Seat: This is for 12-15-months-old children. The baby’s weight according to the EU car seat laws is 13kg.Rare facing car seat to protect the child’s neck, spine and head.

Forward Facing Child Car Seat: In the EU, this seat is for children between the age of 9 months to 4 years that weight 9-18kgs.

Booster Seats: These are for 4-6 years old children that weight 15-25kgs.

Booster Cushions: These are the last and longest protective car seats your child is to use. The age range is form 6-12 years with 22-36kgs in weight. Booster Cushions are used with seats belts for adequate safety measures.

  1. Ease of Installation

It is advisable to get a child car seat you can easily install. Especially if you drive different cars, but before you check the car seat, run a quick check of your car to see if it has the Isofix. Isofix is that small metal ring at the back of your car that ensures car seats can be fitted properly in your car.

  1. Fittingness

How well the child safety seat fits into your car is a factor you shouldn’t ignore. Buy a car seat that matches your child’s size as well as the one that matches the seats in your car.