How To Choose The Best Auto Transport Service Based On Reviews For Car Shipping Companies

reviews for car shipping companies give consumers an idea what it will be like tapping their services. Good reviews might suggest a company is reliable and trustworthy, but what do we really look for when we browse through reviews online?

Kind of Vehicles

You need to find out if your prospect car mover can do the job you need it to do. Some can transport any kind of vehicle while some will not transport SUVs or classic cars. Most companies will also ask if your vehicle is in running condition or not to help determine if they can help transport your car.

Delivery Time

While many factors come into play when it comes to length of time needed to complete delivery, make sure you check reviews for car shipping companies indicate that the auto transporter delivers promptly. You do not want to waste your time and wait for a vehicle that is not arriving. Worse, you cannot afford late deliveries especially if you are joining car shows.

Reviews For Car Shipping Companies


The price will vary depending on the kind of vehicle and destination of delivery but take note what customers are saying about the rates of the car shipping company. Check if they have competitive prices or if they put everything black and white. It will be nice to deal with a company that includes everything in the package and no other extras. If there will be options to be added, these should be clearly stated on the terms of the contract.

You should also only deal with companies that have secure mode of payments. Don’t go for wire transfers but instead opt for the standard practice of credit cards or checks.

Cancellation Fees

Your plans can change suddenly and you do not want be charged heavily for cancelling the service. Check out the experiences of other car owners when it comes to this. It is best to deal with car shipping companies that do not heavily penalize

How Company Handles Accidents

When you entrust your priced possession to someone, you end up crossing all your fingers hoping that your car will safely reach its destination in one piece. But what happens whens something wrong happens? You want to deal with a company with a proper insurance coverage that can handle damages to your car (you might cringe at the idea, but just in case).

Check what people are saying about a company. How do their guys handle the before and after. Do they inspect the car before moving it? How do they secure the care on their trucks and what do they do before turning over the vehicle to the recipient?

Check Genuine Reviews

There are thousands of car shipping companies out there and most likely thousands of fake reviews posted for them. Do not trust everything you see on review sites and filter for things that are too good to be true. Remember to do your own homework and aside from checking online reviews, it is also perfect if you can ask family or friends for their own referrals.

You can easily find reviews for car shipping companies, but what matters most is knowing what to do look for and what to do with the information you get. Let the team at help you digest the information.