How to Achieve High Quality Editing for Your Manuscript?

Recognize that you need an editor

It is important, even for the best writers, to understand the need for a manuscript editor’s revision. By the time your manuscript is in ‘final draft form’ you will have been focusing on it so intently that some issues just go unnoticed. That happens to every writer, and for ESL writers, fixing this type of issues is even more important because when English is not your native language it is even more difficult to see these errors. Overall, if your manuscript contains inexact grammar this often leads to a lack of clarity.

Focus on taking your manuscript to the next level by using a manuscript editing service. Your research deserves recognition, and getting published is a necessary part of gaining that recognition. Manuscript editing services have an extensive understanding of the publishing process. These types of editors know what it takes to go from submission to peer review to publication in order to convey your research to the global community.

It is easy to assume that you can just recruit a colleague to edit your manuscript and of course this could save you money, but the reality of this situation is that this is only an effective strategy if your colleague is qualified to do the job. In fact, many colleagues do not have the time or language expertise that exists within manuscript editing services.Hiring a manuscript editing service can help you avoid these pitfalls.

High Quality Editing

Achieve a high-quality edit

Selecting a manuscript editing service to polish your English for your publication and achieve an overall high-quality edit is an important decision. Indeed, the most common reason for manuscript rejection is poorly written English.

It may be difficult to assess a manuscript editing service for its ability to provide the level of editing needed to successfully survive the peer-review process. Here are a few important factors to consider when selecting a manuscript editing service in order to achieve a high-quality edit:

  1. The editors are native English speakers.

The peer-review process of journals requires a level of English writing that non-native speakers will most likely be unable to accomplish.

  1. The editors have a background in your area of research.

Although an English editor is not expected to provide field-specific feedback, a considerable amount of subject matter knowledge is necessary to verify common terms and language that an editor with an English-literature background cannot grasp.

  1. The manuscript editing service has a proven publication track record.

Check to see that the editing service has a history of high quality publications. Read through the customer reviews and testimonials.

  1. The manuscript editing service should offer excellent customer service.

Members of the editing service should be available to answer your questions, and they should respond in a timely manner.

  1. The manuscript editing service should provide author services supporting the entire submission process.

This is necessary because you may need help writing your cover letter to the journal editor or need support responding to reviewer comments.

  1. Satisfaction guarantee.

Look for a manuscript editing service that offers a satisfaction guarantee. Make sure that they guarantee that your manuscript will not be rejected because of language issues after you use their service.

Achieving a high-quality edit is possible and it is worth hiring a manuscript editing service. Basically, you can think of a high-quality editor as an investment in your career and success.