How T Shirt Printing in Singapore Can Help Your Business Grow?

Corporate firms are seen to engage in t-shirt printing services for several reasons from firm promotions to conference, fundraising, events, team building, and advertising of brand. As most of the people who are not aware of those institutes that pay a fair cost, generally end up paying more for getting t shirt printing.

Bulk printing of t-shirts reduces its cost/unit and makes it one of the best promotional gifts at any event. This helps your business to expand its reach among diverse set of customers located all across the world. In this article, we are going to tell you information on how t-shirt printing assists in the progress of the business.

Business Grow

What makes t-shirt printing advantageous tool for business marketing?

Buying a bulk-order for customized t-shirts proves to be a cost-efficient marketing tool that provides more financial liberty to spend on various other promotional efforts. In Singapore, you would find several stores that offer you customized t-shirt manufacturing services.  T shirt printing Singapore provides catchy t-shirts for firms that run campaigns, roadshows and events at varying locations in a year.

Customized form of corporate T shirt printing is generally large orders that are provided on heavy discounts. Most of the companies that offer customized t-shirts have a policy if you place an order for bulk t-shirts orders. In this way, your business can save a lot on money.

Types of t-shirt printing

There are basically two different types of t-shirt printing styles adopted by businesses.

Screen printing 

This is the commonest style of t-shirt printing. It is also considered to be the cheapest of all t-shirt printing styles if you have made the screens quite in advance. This makes the screen ready to expose whenever any order arrives.

An interesting feature of t-shirt printing is that the pre-stretched design can be modified and used numerous times repeatedly without any replacement. This makes it affordable for business product promotion.

Digital printing

This type of t-shirt printing style enables unlimited printing on light colored as well as dark colored clothes. Just like the way printing is done on paper with the help of an inkjet printer, same technique is used for digitally printing of t-shirt too.

With this type of customized printing design, you can easily print different color and full color gradients. The DTG printing technique lets you customize t shirt of any color for an amazingly low cost as you don’t need to pay for any additional printing resources and materials.

This technology also helps in eliminating the water and toxic inks from its manufacturing process. To achieve a printed style t shirt below ten dollars, light or white colored t-shirt are the only available options to be considered.


Customized t-shirts serve as an efficient marketing strategy that helps in the promotion of your brand. This affordable strategy requires only a fraction of the entire advertising strategy. Looking at the wide range of benefits offered by t-shirt printing, it makes it a profitable and influential marketing tool for a business.