How Self Service Portals Can Improve Your Customer Experience

Some people say that the generation rising into power is lazy. While some generations are born of truth, those individuals who make this phrase their battle cry should consider the ways in which the statement is simply false. In fact, 39% of millennials check a company’s FAQ first when they have a question, showing a clear preference for finding answers on their own. Just because people are independent in different ways from the past does not mean they are lazy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although cell phones are essentially ubiquitous in today’s society, people are not always so fast to use them to make phone calls. Instead, they head to a site’s frequently asked question section to obtain the information that they need. You should compile this section based on your perceptions of the company, but also on the questions that your customers have time and time again. This feature helps you to bring suitable answers to customers in a truncated period of time, and it also frees up your phone line to discuss more specific and personal issues with people.

Customer Experience

Live Chat Features

Another way that you can help customers to help themselves is through a live chat feature. Instead of sitting and waiting on the phone, they can immediately connect with someone online. You should advise customers that they should not disclose personal information, like their bank account numbers, through these chats. Make sure that your customer service representatives are trained not to ask for that type of information and to direct people to a phone call if their care elicits such details.

Discussion Board

Even if your frequently asked questions section does not address the issue your customers are looking for, you can invite them to participate in a discussion board. Set up a space on your website that brings customers to a discussion board. When they go there, they can see if other people have asked the same question, and they can get an answer to it. Make sure that someone is monitoring the board so that it is not filled with profane information or comments that degrade the nature of your business.

Online Payments

Perhaps you offer a product or a service where people need to make payments to you on a regular basis. If that is the case, help to make the submission of these payments as easy as possible. When you offer online payments, you are working to ensure that you are paid on time. Also, people do not have to remember to write out a check or to make a phone call. They can simply open up the website on their computers and make the payment that they owe at the time.

Phone Apps

Not only do people like to access information on their computers, but they also like to sue their cell phones as much as possible. Developing an app, or at the least a mobile friendly website, allows individuals to get the information that they need no matter where they are. In fact, people can use these tools for bill payments as well. If they are not going to be home until the end of the day and do not want to display billing information on a public computer, they can simply go on to their phones to take care of their payments.

Store Kiosks

When customers come into your store, you may find that they are often confused as to where to turn. While that may indicate a larger issue with the layout, or is perhaps just indicative of your shop’s size, you can work to address these issues with a kiosk. Customers can go to this kiosk to find out how to print a registry, where to go for assistance with returns, when the store is closing for the night and so forth. Customers who are eager to help themselves can benefit from the presence of these kiosks located in several spots throughout the shop.

Many individuals in the marketplace today are looking to improve their own experiences, but when they do so, they are often met with challenges. Instead of fighting against this desire to help one’s self, use it to your advantage to make your business place more productive.