How Public Relations and Marketing Will Change

Given that around half of the people use the internet behind an ad blocker and pop-up blocker, it’s no surprise that a survey showed that 84% of marketers will be switching to influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing doesn’t have the same barriers as standard marketing.

There’s also a role for personal branding in the modern world. The successful influencer is the one that understands building a following through expertise. They become an asset to any company that markets to their chosen niche. The biggest and most popular industries such as fashion, travel, hospitality, and food, are most likely to secure celebrity endorsement. They could also choose to bring in someone who has a specific set of skills like the “Queen of Brows” Anastasia Soare. She is the one who does Oprah Winfrey’s eyebrows and while she may never be a major name in the fashion industry, she has plenty to offer brands working on creating eye makeup products and age-defying makeup.


The Impact of Public Relations

Many of the best influencers have given the time and effort it takes to create a large follower base and they want to keep the relationship true with them. If the influencer is particularly impressed by a product, they will share it with their followers through blogs, articles, social media, and other platforms. It would lead to an increase in sales because the influencer is spreading the word to their audience as marketing companies spread it to target audiences. People trust influencers and are likely to buy something they recommend.

A great example of this strategy is Kylie Jenner. Before the holidays she posted about how much she loves her jeans from Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova has a range of affordable products that are easy enough to find. The photo she shared of her in her Fashion Nova jeans got over 2 million likes. Because she made the post at such an opportune time it’s likely that those jeans found their way into the Christmas wish list of many young girls. It can feel like big names make these kinds of posts out of the blue but these posts are clever marketing strategies. They have sponsored endorsements that make both the influencer and the brand a lot of money.


Finding the influencer in the right niche is as important as finding one with a lot of followers. If you have chosen the right influencer, they will create plenty of buzz with the right message. The influencer’s followers then go on to spread the word about your brand to their own followers and friends, leading to, potentially, thousands of new customers. On the other hand, if you choose someone who has millions of people following them, but has barely any connection to your brand, then it’s not going to be as successful.

As the world enters 2022, PR and influencer marketing are only going to become more successful. Keep an eye out for influencer marketing, but remember that it must continue to be innovated or consumers will abandon it just like they abandoned TV and print ads.