How Can Plastic Display Domes Help My Business?

A plastic display dome, like the acrylic domes available from Talbot Designs, can be the perfect means to display and showcase something. Versatile and adaptable, a plastic dome display can make a 3D display that’s ideal for your customers, visitors or guests to look at and interact with!

A plastic display dome allows you to set up a variety of possible displays or attractions, but is ideal for creating a display in which an object or arrangement can be viewed from every angle, especially where the object in question is too valuable or delicate to be left open to the air. This is a favourite tactic for displaying designer handbags or shoes, electronics, jewellery and other valuable items which should be viewed from many sides.

Models, displays and arrangements with a lot of detail or which could be easily damaged or disrupted are also best displayed within a plastic dome display, as the dome provides all the protection that even the most delicate display could need.

These plastic display domes have a variety of advantages that a glass or polycarbonate dome simply can’t match, which make them the ideal solution in a wide range of applications. For example:

Plastic Display Domes Help My Business

A Plastic Display Dome is Tough

Plastic display domes from Talbot Designs are made from tough, hardy acrylic and are built to withstand all kinds of damage. Very able to absorb shocks and impacts, these domes won’t shatter like glass under an impact, but as they are harder than polycarbonate domes, they won’t buckle either. Protect your displays properly with a plastic display dome from Talbot Designs!

Plastic Dome Displays are Weatherproof

Acrylic display domes from Talbot Designs have the additional advantage of being usable outside in a range of weather conditions. They are frequently seen outdoors as part of charity collection displays, outdoor light globes, art installations, water features, and even signage and branding – the Alton Towers logo dishes are plastic display domes from Talbot Designs!

With the ability to resist the elements, including weathering over long periods of time, with UV-stability and resistance to both heat and cold, plastic display domes are the ideal investment for your outdoor displays – whatever they are!

Plastic Display Domes are Cost-Effective

At Talbot Designs, the team of plastics fabrication experts are able to create a cost-effective solution for your plastic dome display, whatever your requirements. With the ability to cater to your needs, Talbot Designs can provide tailor-made domes to suit exactly the requirements you provide, and the lack of maintenance of these tough, hardy domes means that they are exceedingly cost-effective.

For more information on how plastic display domes can help your business, to ask for a quotation or to place an order from Talbot Designs, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Talbot Designs head office on 020 8346 8515, or visit their website, linked in this blog post! The experts at the Talbot Designs office will be able to help you find the perfect solution to your plastic display dome needs today!