Home Office Decoration – Tips from Experts

It has become a trend to bring work home. Almost every working individual bring their work home. If you have the habit of working from home, you can give yourself a gift by creating a special place for your work. If you think to create an office at home, you would need a large room or attic, you are wrong. It does not take a room to create a home office, it takes decoration ideas, says Scott Jay Abraham, a passionate interior designer. Scott’s specialty is industrial design. He sticks to rust color and gray shades to create the mood for industrial decoration.

Scott’s design is for positivity. He creates rooms and offices that speak of life. Brightness is the theme Scott suggests everyone to opt for. Color plays the biggest role when you are decorating a room. Wrong choice of color can ruin a fully decorated place. This is the reason, knowing color therapy or color psychology is very important. In case, you have no idea about colors and the effect of colors on human mind, you need the assistance of a skilled interior decorator. It has been noticed that shades of blue when combined with white create a calming effect on human mind. Therefore, you can use these two colors to create a peaceful work place if your line work is stressful.

Home Office Decoration

Scott Jay Abraham, being an industrial decorator, has the habit of using minimum possible furnishings to decorate home office space. If you have a wall, you can have a home office. Make sure to have enough lights in your work place, you can have a table lamp to brighten up the work place. Or you can use a pendant light to style up the space. To allow light inside the work place you use a window as well. In case you are fortunate enough to have an empty window which does not have any furniture, you can use it for your office. Hire a professional who will be able to offer you ideas under budget. Sometimes pushing up a bookcase, table and a couple of chairs against a window does the work.

To have an industrial look, Scott Abraham says to have rust colored furnishings. If it seems too expensive to buy furniture in this color, you must use the old furniture and paint them give a new look. A couple of fresh coats of paint will give the furniture a look as well. You can use rust to give the work place a rugged look.

Metal and wood will be the appropriate material to add to the rugged look. You can install metal bookcases and wooden chairs in the earth color to have the desired look. The idea is to either create a balance or strike a contrast. For these two you need someone who will be able to use color to its full extend.

Always look for a decorator who understands vision. If your vision does not match with the designer’s vision, you two will not be able to work together.