Get What You Deserve On A Car Accident Settlement

Finding yourself in a car accident while not being your fault, hiring a car accident attorney might be the best solution. We know that lawyers are expensive, but each one charges its clients in a different way depending on the problem. Some charge hourly rates but in most cases will be a charge of a “contingency fee” which will take an injury case. This contingency fee means that the firm will not get any money unless it recovers it from the case. The law firm will get a percentage payment for any settlement of jury verdict.

On the following, together will find out if its worth it to hire a car accident attorney for your particular case. The percentage a lawyer collects in a contingency fee agreement can be different for each case. Usually, it ranges between 25 to 40 percent, the standard is of 33.33 percent. Let’s give a quick example, if you have 33% case and you recover $150,000, your car accident attorney will get $50,000, pretty good deal on his part. This fee depends on each state you run the trial on, and thus shifting the amount of money you may recover.

Car Accident Settlement

The contingency fee depends on whatever the defendant in your case has a response on your legal complaint in court yet. The court is settled before an answer to the complaint, the percentage goes lower. If the settlement occurs after the defendant has served an answer to your complaint, or if the jury verdict is reached, you might get an increase in the percentage.

Let’s say you send a demand letter to the defendant, and you quickly reached the settlement agreed to $90,000, in this case, the attorney will receive $30,000. But let’s suppose the case ended in a jury verdict, your state allows an attorney to get 40% recovery even after the complaint has been answered, the car accident attorney recovering $36,000. More info about related subject can be found by visiting the Lloyd Law website.

Having known all of this, the important thing is to speak with your attorney about contingency fee and be very carefully reviewing the contract. Not understanding the fee arrangement in the contract, ask politely your attorney to explain it. Like everything in a deal is negotiable, so is the percentage fee, if the liability and damages are very clear, the defendant has insurance or plenty of cash, also plenty of evidence backing up your case, then negotiating for a lower contingency is a right move here. No need to give up a third of your compensation on “lawyering up”.

You might not be responsible for upfront court fees or other litigation, this depends on your lawyer and also in your contract legal services. This costs may include the cost of obtaining medical records, court filing fees or police reports. Many car accident attorneys requires the client to pay for the above fees as they appear. Be careful to read the contract and if it states that you should pay for this fees than gladly pay, not paying for those fees, the case cannot proceed further.

Be sure for your lawyer to take his fee from the “net settlement”, the amount left after the case have been deducted. This kind of arrangement is typical. Some law firms will try to increase their payment by taking their money out first. Have a clear stand on this, that you won’t accept it, if this becomes a deal breaker, probably the best thing is to find another lawyer.

Is it worth the cost and all the trouble, well the general rule is that the more serious the injuries, the greater value you will get by hiring a good lawyer? If just some minor car bends with any injury, then you can probably negotiate a settlement yourself with the wrongdoer. In this case, you will be doing a bad service for yourself to pay for a lawyer and for a clear settlement for the fender bender.

If you were seriously injured and needed significant medical care, the value of the settlement rises quickly, the insurance adjuster will try to make you accept a very low settlement offer, they’re plan is to spend less money, of course. In this case, you will definitely need a professional to represent you in court. It’s also evidenced that on average, any person represented in this case by a lawyer gets 3.5 times the settlement money as the ones who don’t.

Having a great car accident lawyer who will negotiate the damages for you in an effective manner is the best thing you could do for your case, most insurance companies will pay you what you deserve.