Get Precision With Pantone Color Matching

Earlier when art works, advertising matters, pamphlets, etc., were hand-made, there were no problems with colors as you got what you painted. But today, with computers having taken over hand-made artworks and other materials, creativity and technology has combined amazingly. At the same time, as with any technical matters, there are even some disadvantages of computer-printed art works and other such matters. But with time, these loopholes too were resolved.  Pantone is one such solution. Learn more here

Pantone Color Matching

Pantone color match to aid

Though computer did revolutionize many art forms and document making, there was one serious issue. Many a times, the colors that were actually done or the ones used never manifested in the print outs. Sometimes, the colors appeared faded while some were darker and many were even not matching with what the creator had in mind. That’s where Pantone came in. Pantone is actually a company in America that came with the path-breaking concept of color match that in a way changed the way documents with colors were printed. Thus, with time, the name of the company became synonymous with this technology. You just have to use Pantone colors and you will be able to ensure color match so that you get a printout that is exactly as you have visualized while creating it.

Color matching is of utmost importance for printing. Earlier, it often happened that an artist created an art work on the computer where he used a certain shade of blue and yellow, and the client too became happy with what they saw on computer. But when it is printed, the version comes with some peculiar shade of blue and yellow that the whole beauty of the work gets destroyed. Thus the purpose of creating the work is lost. Also, these days, different shades of colors are required. Pantone system comes with thousands of special colors which will be displayed in the printouts as it is shown on the computer. Grab more knowhow by visiting

Pantone system is perfect for printing

Pantone colors have a great system which makes it just suitable for printing. There are over 1100 colors to choose with first. Each of these colors has its own labels. All you need to do is choose the color that you want and use it by noting its name and number. These labeling is in such a way that the printer is able to decipher these numbers and thus will be able to print exactly the same color that has been assigned for the piece on the computer. Thus you need to have a printer that will recognize the Pantone system. In common printers, when you create a document with say, bright orange color, the print that you will get in hand may have the same orange or maybe you may get a faded color that may even look like yellow. But with a printer that works with Pantone color system, you will get exactly the same shade that you have used while creating the document. Not any shade lighter or darker.  Thus, all your prints will showcase the perfectly matched colors on the screen, which will give you work satisfaction like no other. With Pantone color system, you will get the invaluable joy of getting to see the art that you have hitherto only visualized.