Flexible Cold Seal Packaging for Food and Medical Products

Flexible cold seal packaging is ideal for many different types of food and nonfood applications. With the right cold seal packaging, production lines can benefit from added efficiency and improved performance.

Benefits of Cold Seal Packaging

Many types of cold seal packaging are designed to help maximize efficiency throughout operation. In fact, many designs feature visual indicators that signal press-ready material and allow for pattern registration without any pigments or dyes involved.

Cold seal packaging machines are also often used along with other high-speed HFFS packaging equipment to maximize efficiency across the entire production line. Cold seal packaging also gives smoother unwind release and lower cling because of an advanced anti-blocking system. This innovation allows for more consistent packaging performance and sealability in addition to stronger seals.

Their superior cohesion and adhesion strength helps prevent leaking, compared to traditional heat-sealed packaging.

Food and Medical Products

Materials for Food Packaging

Cold seals can utilize rubber-based adhesives, making them perfect for food product applications that need consistent seal strengths on high-speed HFFS machinery. Applications range from frozen treats and baked goods to confectionery items, which typically use more varied size wraps or complex overwraps for multiple candy bars.

Use for Medical Packaging

When used for medical packaging, cold seal packages are manufactured using water-based, synthetic acrylic solutions that are non-allergenic and designed to withstand the rigors of the medical packaging industry.

Cold seal coatings provide superior aging performance and sealability for several pharmaceutical packaging applications, including non-sterilizable and sterilizable overwraps for bandages and other medical products.

Consult with Packaging Experts for Custom Solutions

Today’s packaging technology and part kitting makes it easier than ever to design and develop custom packaging, including cold seal packaging. Regardless of your application’s specific needs, you can consult with packaging experts to design and develop your own cold seal packaging products that work for you.

Whether you need cold seal packages for food or nonfood products, packaging experts can help come up with the best solution based on your specifications.

When working with a packaging company, technicians will be able to work with you to design the right cold seal package, manufacture it in bulk, and apply it to your entire product line.

You can also configure your own cold seal packaging machines to make custom packaging in bulk, maximizing the efficiency of your packaging system.

With high-quality cold seal packaging in your production line, you’ll be able to keep products sufficiently protected from contaminants while also making the packaging process as efficient as possible.

If you don’t believe that your products can benefit from this type of packaging and require a different type, you can consult with experts to learn more about how to get the right packaging for your production line.

However, as technology continues to advance, cold seal packaging will only improve over time, with many other advantages of using this product to come in the future. You’ll be able to get the most from your packaging lines with efficient and reliable cold seal packages for food or pharmaceuticals.