Event Management Courses in London

If you’re interested in getting into event management, there’s no better city than London. From film premieres and celebrity birthdays to rich corporate get-togethers, there are plenty of opportunities that will allow you to flex your creative muscles and leave guests with a night to remember.

What Exactly is Event Management?

Event management is the process of arranging large scale events, such as festivals, ceremonies, parties, conventions and conferences. There are literally thousands of difficult sub-categories that fall under the moniker, so regardless of your personal tastes or interests, there will certainly be something that will tickle your fancy. Many industries use event managers to reward their employees, build business relationships with other people in related fields and raise money for charity.

Event Management Courses in London

What Do Event Managers Do?

The role of an event manager is to target a specific audience, arrange the decor, sort out security, plan the catering, and devise emergency plans – literally anything that revolves around the event itself and how to make it happen.

Events can very significantly in size, from worldwide sports events such as the Olympics to a low-key village fair. As a working event manager, you can either specialize in a particular industry, or work for a broad event management company. If you choose the latter, you will be expected to research the industry and type of people who work within it, in order to gauge the best approach.

What Qualities Do Event Managers Need?

Event management qualifications are highly recommended. While most companies will provide on-site training (as you’ll have to adapt to their methods and supply chains), a qualification will get you those precious interviews. While there will always be event manager jobs in London, it’s a highly sought after profession; therefore, by having a qualification you will stand out over the majority of the competition.

But the academic side is just one aspect. To be a good event manager you must be a genuine people-person. In working life you will have to meet people from all walks of life and form instant bonds with them. Like an actor must step into the shoes of a character they’re portraying, event managers must step into the shoes of the attendees and ask themselves, “What would I like to see an do?”

What Do Courses Provide?

Event management courses will provide both theoretical and practical training, in both a classroom and real-world setting. You will learn how to communicate with people, negotiate with businesses, source products and services, manage a team, deal with accounts, manage budgets, and delegate effectively.

If you are serious about taking event management courses in London, Souters Business of Office Skills and Training can provide CPD approved education that will set you up for employment. Will will learn all of the essential skills required, and make contacts in the business, allowing you to delve right into the deep end upon graduation and find a foothold in the industry.