EPS foam is Surprisingly Recyclable!

With the “go green” culture taking center stage in relation to everyday products, how can Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam be left behind? These days, it is common to find buyers looking for EPS foam products that are eco-friendly and recyclable. Reputed manufacturers are coming forth with new and innovative products to match these requirements. So, with more and more people choosing to make their purchases online, and with the world of shipping and packaging becoming an essential part of the game, EPS foam solutions are expected to cater to the green revolution in more ways than one.

For instance, when it comes to the costs of shipping levied on online buys, which is usually determined by weight, the time spent between the purchase time and delivery of products is of prime significance. Added to that is the safety of the items that are meant to be delivered in the form in which they were purchased. This done, the environmental impacts of shipping/packaging materials have to be taken into the reckoning as well. The good thing about investing in EPS foam packaging is that the fantastic cost savings is complemented by its ability to be recycled.


Because manufacturers, distributors and shipping agents, have realized the importance of recycling the high sustainability metrics of recyclable foam is cushioning all new purchases. As per experts, the EPS industry is achieves a 34% recycle rate that happens to be higher than the packaging materials used by all others in the plastic industry. It is indeed heartening to note that in 2013 alone, 127 million pounds of Expanded Polystyrene Foam was reused as new foam cushioning after being recycled. In fact, this process of recycling is now coming in handy with the durable consumer goods industry where it is used for the manufacturing of many plastic products including CD cases and camera boxes. Another benefit of recycling is reduced energy consumption as every ton of EPS recycled saves as much as 637 gallons of oil.

As a retailer with regard for renewable and recyclable resources, you should look for the #6 recycling symbol on your packages before disposing them. In case you reside in a smaller community and fail to have a recycling center nearby, you may include a statement when you give in your packing list to get access to a recycling program, courtesy the Expanded Polystyrene Industry Alliance. By doing this, you will aid the environment, and also showcase to your customers that you happen to be an organization that cares. Many companies even have integrated recycling programs into the manufacturing process like this one in western New York.

Be a part of United States’ successful and popular packaging reuse programs and make sure to get your unused packaging materials to collection centers nearby. With a bit of effort and diligence, you can be assured of meeting the needs of your customers and the environment alike. By reducing the carbon footprint, you will be acknowledged for your go-green efforts and will be able to fulfill your responsibilities towards the environment with the easiest of steps – and without pinching your pocket in any way.