Engraving Options for Custom Awards

One of the crucial decisions you should make when buying custom awards is the type of engraving you would like to see in your item. In most cases, the engraving is personalized either on the base or just on the surface. It usually contains specific information related to the award such as:

  • Name of the award
  • Name of the recipient
  • Date of presentation
  • Name or logo or the presenting body
  • Some engravings contain even quotes and personal sayings

Overall, you need to consider three main options when it comes to choosing an engraving for your custom award item.

Base engravings

Engraving Options for Custom Awards

This option utilizes the laser technology to etch engraving at the base of the custom award model. This type of engraving occurs on awards with marble or stone bases. In most cases, manufacturers use precious metals such as gold or silver to fill the etchings so they are more visible on the base. They prefer a gold filling for gold-plated models and silver fillings for brushed, pewter, or silver-plated awards. This type of engraving is elegant even though has its limitations. For instance, it limits the amount of characters and color to use, making it difficult to create a logo with multiple colors or characters.

Inside engravings

In this type of engraving, the manufacturer etches an image or a text into the body of the award. This happens mostly in crystal or glass custom awards. The engraving can be a 2-D, 3-D text or image, or a combination of both. Usually you come up with an idea, which you present to the manufacturer. The producer discusses your idea with you and offers any useful suggestion. It can remain unchanged or there can be alterations. The next step is the design and finally the production of the custom award model.

Engraved plates attached to the base

This method of engraving uses metal plates to contain the engraved information through the sublimation method of printing. The experts then attach the plates to the base of the award item. The plates are usually gold or silver-plated even though producers can use other colors as well. This type of engraving has significant benefits such as the ability to accommodate color images. Besides, the plates can take smaller text and images. It is applicable on custom awards with hardwood, marble, or crystal bases. Knowing the types of engravings can help you select the best form of etching for your award.