Do you really need a credit card?

There are so many credit card offers in the market. But before you go for finding the one that best suits your needs, you need to know one thing. Do you really need a credit card? Will you be able to make the monthly payments? Or are you better off without them? It is because if you are not able to pay back, you may face bad consequences like building up a very bad credit history that will make it difficult for you to get any kind of loaning facility when you really need it. There are top 0% card offers in the market but you need to consider some factors before going to apply for one.

credit card

  1. You can repay your credit

It is wisest to go for credit card if you know that your earnings will match your monthly payments. If you know that you will be able to pay the credit within due time, you can use your credit card without paying any additional charges.

  1. Credit cards can help in emergencies

Facing an emergency? You can tackle it with your credit card. What if you are going through a rough time and a credit card will just worsen it? Keep some money aside. These savings will help you through any kind of emergency you face.

  1. You need a card for online shopping

Debit cards have been introduced that serve all the purposes a credit card can only that you are using the real cash and not piling up loans. If you are an impulse shopper, debit card is best for you. In this way, you will not stacking up your loan and spend only what you have.

  1. For making credit history

Some people apply for credit cards just so that they can build up a credit history. But what if you will only end up with a bad credit history just because you are unable to pay back? If you are making credit history just to apply for a loan later, do not do that. You can get a home or car loan without having a credit card history. But you are only going to get higher interest rate loans with a bad credit history.

  1. Select a card that matches your needs

You get an offer by a credit card company that is giving huge discounts on airline tickets. You find it very interesting and instantly sign up for this credit card but after that you realize that this offer has nothing to do with you because you do not travel much. You plan to cancel this card as soon as you receive it. But it will be of no use because this card will still appear on your credit history report. You need you choose wisely, among top 0% card offers available in the market, which offer to go for.

  1. Credit cards bring many discount offers

You find a credit card attractive because it is offering you discounts on daily purchases. Stores offer these discounts because they know you will fail to pay on time and they will charge you extra money for not paying on time. So, choose wisely.