Divine Miracles Are Performed By the Almighty God For Human Benefits

The true living God is omniscient, omnipotent, perfectly free, eternal by nature, perfectly good, and creator of all things. The heavens declare the splendor and glory of God and the space shows His creation. According to the Holy Bible, in the commencement God created the paradise and the earth. All things are subjected to God. He hinges on nothing external but himself. He is inevitably the ultimate and terminus principle of complete elucidation of all occurrences. God’s power and existence do not depend on the laws of the action of the corporeal world. God had created, designed and established the natural laws, and keeps the conduct of the universe and everything in thatfollowing them.

The SCOAN asserts consistent manifestations of divine miracles. Several hundred international visitors and Nigerians come to the SCOAN each week to chronicle for the prayer lines where the visitors are prayed over by Prophet TB Joshua. SCOAN has circulated several videos claiming to certify the healing of incurable illnesses and disabilities such as AIDS/HIV.

Divine Miracles

The great almighty God is not a plain word in a book on a sooty shelf. He is all-powerful and alive. From time to time, he intervenes in the created natural order with miracles for a variability of reasons. Sincere saintly miracles are the paranormal works of the true living almighty God. Those miracles complemented both the Christian and Jewish revelations, particularly at perilous moments in their history. In the history of the Christian Church, they continue to occur under definite conditions.

The presentation at SCOAN provides a panoramic sight of the miracles of the living God since the formation of the cathedral on Earth until this day. Mystical and spiritual healing at The SCOAN has been the focus of several media reports, including a mention in an Associated Press interview, Time Magazine, and an article by Foreign Policy delegating the adeptness of Nigerians to seek ‘spiritual’ help due to deficient medical amenities.

Divine miracles are spectacles performed by the heavenly power of the almighty God for His glory, and for the advantages of man. Their effects are clutched by the senses of hearing, sight, etc. God’s divine power in the miracle acts either mediatory or directly, or through inanimate things or creatures.

It is significant to distinguish between accomplishments of natural human talents and miracles of the almighty living God. The achievements of special abilities and human talents are not miracles. Some individuals may be gifted mentally and physically, they have strong minds and large bodies. Others may have strong vivid memories. Some are gifted in the area of dialects. They have the usual ability to learn many languages, including oral dialects swiftly and recollect them. Some are gifted in communication. They make captivating speeches and talk very well. Others may be gifted poets and writers. They author outstanding poetry and prose. It is significant to stress the fact that authoring, language fluency and speech abilities are human talents. They are not miracles of the Almighty living God. Hence, it is incongruous to call any manuscript a miracle because of its articulate language.