Diamond Certification- Why it is Important

Diamond ring or jewelry is one of the biggest purchases in day to day life. Getting distracted by the sparkles and beauty of a diamond is easy. That is the reason, if you are about to purchase a diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry, it is important to make sure you got a diamond certification from the seller because purchase of a diamond always include a big deal of hard-earned money.

Diamond Certification

What is a Diamond Certificate?

A formal document showing the detailed description and details of a diamond is known as diamond certificate. It contains all the essential and verified information about the diamond’s unique characteristics such as carat weight, cut, color and clarity etc. a diamond certificate may also include additional details like symmetry of the diamond, polish and fluorescence. These certificates or reports are issued by a reliable gem grading entity and describes several elements of the diamond a buyer may need to know before finalizing the deal. That’s why, whether you want to buy Chocolate Diamonds® or any other sort of colorless diamond jewelry, be sure to receive a diamond certificate as details mentioned in this document allows you to measure the diamond using professional tools for assessing its quality and novelty.

Diamond certificate vs diamond Appraisal

Some people mix the diamond appraisal with a diamond certificate but these 2 are totally different documents in nature. Diamond certification shows the basic characteristics of a diamond, and monetary value of the diamond is not mentioned on this document. But a diamond appraisal comes with a written statement of the estimated retail replacement value of the diamond. It is a document required at the time of diamond insurance.

An appraisal is less objective unlike a diamond certificate because it relies on guesstimate. Estimation mentioned in the appraisal are influenced by many factors like availability and production of diamonds mentioned in the document, global economic trends and economic slumps etc. That is the reason, experts always suggest consumers to get a diamond appraised on a regular basis to check its value and prevent loss.

Where Diamonds are Certified

Certification of a diamond by a reputable diamond grading laboratory is the assurance that your diamond is real and also serves as a written proof of a diamond’s identity. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) are the most credible diamond grading laboratories across the globe. A diamond purchased with the certificate issued from EGL or GIA is always assured for high quality and greater value. Above mentioned labs are totally neutral in their grading procedures. A diamond certification issued by these labs ensures that all the stated details and information are accurate and the diamond will not fall prey to overstated grading.


Certification of a diamond is also important because it serves as a written proof to the buyer at the time of diamond purchase. A diamond certificate is usually shown by the seller or sale representative when the diamond is being viewed. If you are not sure about the things mentioned on the certificate, you should ask the sales person to explain all the things to you briefly.