Detailed Information About David Giunta

David Giunta is a chief executive and owner of BlackPlum, LLC. He has experience above two decades in the field of real estate. He manages the investments with BlackPlum range from fully entitled many home developments to operational apartment communities. He spent nearly 20 years working for prior to founding the company and working in various capacities in the securities, real estate industries, and investment advisory. However, David Giunta begins his career as a CPA (certified public accountant) and auditor with Arthur Andersen in California, Irvine. In that, a specific position he specialized in providing the best auditing services for fortune 500 companies. Apart from that, he also majored in business administration and took courses in accounting and pre-law. Moreover, his also work outside with the BlackPlum. He was effectively maintenance the membership with leading organization. In addition to, he serves on the director board of the Down syndrome foundation of the orange country. He also works as a capital committee at watermark Church chairman.

Detailed Information

He is the highly experienced investor and has a number of years experience in this field. He is a person licensed as a certified public accountant with the accountancy California board. Apart from that, he holds investments throughout the state. In his past days, he earned a bachelor of science in accounting, so he has more knowledge on accounting. He oversees millions of dollars in the real estate investment business in diverse geographic regions. Throughout his career, he proves his determination and maximum level of ability to deliver results that are more tangible. His amazing experience and skillset across financial sectors allowed him to uniquely effective at each point of his career. With Giunta, the BlackPlum employs a prudent win approach to investing effectively as they search for plum properties will yield consistent long term and maximum investments. The team of professionals in BlackPlum works to target income and operational generating properties. Apart from that, they also avoid many investment opportunities for the downside risk is impossible to manage specifically.

The company mainly focuses its efforts on multi-family residential properties and medical office buildings. David Giunta and his professional team focus on the mitigating risk with investments in the trust deeds. His knowledge of the real estate market, as well as a large network of industry, allows the company to find investments prior the public offering of these properties. He held many positions across the various financial industry sectors. However, he first commenced his career with Ohio-based CFA firm highly prior to joining the leading and the best office. In addition, he served in this large capacity for 2 years during he worked with many companies. After he gaining experience in the public accounting and he was work for twelve years as a securities representative. He had found and manages many proprietary for markets. He becomes an embittered by an unpredictability and volatility of the markets. He searches for tangible, predictable investment opportunities and steady. Finally, he closely began to the real estate market.