Customer Service is Important: Manage Your Customer Service Department Better

In our day and age, people expect the products and services they invest in to be of a high quality. However, when things do go wrong or questions need asked, they also expect to be able to easily reach a knowledgeable customer service representative who can satisfactorily meet their needs. No matter your industry, it’s important not to overlook this important aspect of your business.

Nearly 60% of high-performing teams are increasing the size of their service teams in the next 12–18 months, and 55 percent of high-performing service teams say they’re able to predict customer service needs more than 80% of the time. These teams have proven success, and the decisions they are making are directly impacted by feedback from their customers. Whether you are ready to get on board with these proven leaders in customer service or just want to take a fresh approach to the way your company both acquires and maintains business relationships, there are some tips to implement now to manage your customer service department better.

Customer Service is Important

Keep Goals Attainable

All too often customer service representatives are given sales goals and other incentives to meet company milestones. However, it’s a good idea to carefully study your statistics before these goals are set. Setting goals too high could cause service representatives to engage in unethical practices to either receive bonuses or avoid getting in trouble for failing to meet the mark.

Expand Your Horizons

Gone are the days when customers were limited to making a phone call to get the help they need. Many companies are now offering online live chat support, and customers love it. Part of the increase in service team sizes is being used to accommodate this feature as representatives are available to offer their support through the Internet. Best of all, the entire conversation is transcribed, allowing for better accuracy should follow up ever be necessary.

Make Customers Feel Empowered

Today’s customer wants to feel empowered, and you can help them achieve this by offering self-service options. To implement this into your customer service department’s solution options, you’ll need to start by developing a community of brand advocates in the form of a help forum, and you can use multiple platforms to achieve this. This allows savvy customers the option of finding their own answers before they have to resort to a call or chat with a representative. When the experience is a good one, they may even leave positive comments online for others to see.

Make It Easy to Speak With A Representative

Nobody likes to wait on hold. Just a few minutes can begin to feel like hours. Furthermore, it can be just as frustrating to have to sit through various automated recordings and forced to choose between a plethora of options just to get a hold of someone. This can quickly frustrate customers, and they are more likely to take the time to leave public feedback when they are upset as opposed to pleased. If making it easier for your customers to get a hold of a representative means hiring and training more knowledgeable staff, it’s an investment leading customer service departments are making and you, too, should consider.

Implement a Multi-Channel Ticket System

With so many ways in which customers can now reach out to businesses, it can be difficult to track them all using ticket orders. For example, if a client contacts you via Facebook, you should have a system in place capable of turning the request into a ticket order so you can track the progress of the solution to their question or concern. This best ensures nothing is left undone and you maintain your good name.

Watching Your Business Thrive

Since the advent of the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to reach a large audience to which you can market your products and services. However, there’s also more competition than ever before. With so many making the investment in bettering their customer service departments, customer expectations will likely rise. In order to stay ahead of the game, now’s the time to invest time and money into managing your customer service department better in order to watch your business thrive.