Business Intellect of Brandon Steven during His College Life

Brandon Steven is a self-made entrepreneur; he was born on July 25, 1973 in Kansas. He is a successful businessman based out of Kansas City. Brandon has invested in different businesses, but he is best known for award-winning car dealerships. He has also received prestigious national “Man of the Year” award. His automotive dealership has sold more than 80,000 cars so far; he supports this organization by donating on a regular basis. His business endeavors have given employment to thousands of people.

Early Years of His Life

His mother, Rebecca Steven was a school teacher and father Rod Steven Sr., a business owner. He has two brothers and one sister Julie. His father had 15 car wash locations and a plumbing company based in Kansas. He also owned a snow Ski Shop in the same city.

Business Intellect of Brandon Steven

In his childhood days he was attracted towards sports and entrepreneurship. During his childhood days he took part in all traditional sports and his competitiveness was clearly visible even at that tender age. When he was 11 years old, he started his first business along with his brother Rodney. This was a small business of snow shoveling, but this business lead to snow removal business. He is still running this business with hundreds of clients and more than a dozen trucks to conduct the snow removal operations throughout Kansas. At the age of 13 years, he started another venture. This was a simple business where he used to catch the pigeons from different parts of the buildings and sell it hunters. Hunters have constant requirements of pigeons for dog training. Brandon was active in this business till he left for college. He then handed over this business to his younger brother.

Education and Business

While studying in the caramel Catholic High School, he got the right exposure and it proved to be the turning point of his life. During his high school days, he started working for the Gorge’s Motor Co. He discovered his love with the car industry and start selling cars when he was 17 years old. He took permission from his owner to allow him to sell cars. Brandon achieved so much success that he didn’t consider the idea of joining college. Parents didn’t give him an option and he went to Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. His brother was also attending the same university on a tennis scholarship. In 1995 Brandon was graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Brandon graduated with Honors, and he was also awarded with a distinguished senior’s award. This is an award which is given only to 25 students.

During his college days, his creative business mind was working in the direction to make money. He found several creative ways and his business ventures during college time ranged from buying and selling of mopeds to used cars. He also sold T-shirts, vending machines and candy. Brandon Steven used HBO guide to fulfill his desires of money making till he graduated. When he graduated from the University, he sold the HBO guide to a client.