All of you might be quite familiar with the various gas stove cooktops, but today a very different product is brought to you. It is called the NuWave Pic induction cook top. It has a very nice feature of stimulating the pan by heating it very fast. So right after setting the temperature, you can just push the start button and the pan heats up in a very short time. The pans that come with this induction cook top are really good. It has some sort of extra-terrestrial coating on it so nothing is supposed to stick on it. When you put the pan over the cook top, it is only going to heat the pan and the outside area remains cool. Even though you heat the pan for a long time, the handle still remains cold. It is something that will work as a slow cooker .It has got a program key and a time key. It has got different preprogrammed temperatures like low, medium, medium low, medium high etc. Another claim that this particular product makes is that it can boil water in a very short time.


Well, talking about the stricking factor, this induction cook top goes on pretty well with cheese without letting it stick to the surface of the pan. Professional chefs prepare mouthwatering stuff by maintaining the precise temperature for the perfect amount of time. Now even you can get such professional results with the help of this precision induction cook top. If cooking has become a tiresome work for you it is time to try this new product .If you accidentally drop something on this induction cook top it’s not going to scatter around and you can very easily wipe it off with a warm piece of cloth. There is also a fan at the bottom of the induction cook top where all the air is taken in and then it goes out at the back. You just need to make sure that the fan is not covered by anything. Anyhow if the fan is obstructed you are going to get an E7 error which would mean over heating or air ventilation is obstructed.

 At the bottom of the cook top you can locate your serial number which can be used not only for customer care services but also for the cooking club. The moment that you take off your pan from the induction cook top it is going to beep and show the E1 error which means it cannot detect any cookware on its surface and that is a very safe feature for you. So if at any point you forget about it and walk away, it will go off within couple of minutes. If by chance you have something under the surface of the induction cook top that is obstructing the fan it will give an E7 error which means that the induction cook top is over heated.

With all this there is nothing better than the NuWave Pic.