Billiard Tables in Calgary

In the last few decades, the popularity of billiards tables in Calgary has been increasing year after year. This can be attributed to many factors, especially change in lifestyle and the fact that billiards tables provide relaxation and fun to the family. However, these tables are not cheap; thus, it is always good to purchase a table that meets your family demands and durable. If you are considering buying billiard tables in Calgary, the following are critical factors that you should consider.

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Size and style

One of the critical factors that you should consider is the size and style of the table. First, it is important to look at the size of your room. Billiards tables come in a different size that ranges from 7 to 9 feet in length. If the table is too large, short cues that are uncomfortable will not be used. Billiards experts recommend an allowance of 4.5 to 5 feet on each side of the table. However, more allowance is better and less space means that shorter cues will have to be used. On the other hand, it is good to choose a table that matches your style. Also, don’t forget to be sure to check whether the table uses billiards or snooker balls.


Another very important factor you should consider is how the table is built. Quality billiard tables in Calgary should have a solid wood frame that supports a slate bed. It is also good to check how the table is fastened together. From the expert’s view, billiard tables that use staples or screws to hold the frame together are liable to rupture, thus, they are not durable. Be sure to check the structural integrity of the table. For instance, a table that sways when you bump it with your hips is not sturdy, and you should not purchase such a table.

Apart from billiards, foosball is another common game that can be played. The game is a good addition to the room of any home. It resembles miniature soccer, with 2 to 4 players trying to score by maneuvering miniatures attached to 8 different poles. There are two types of foosball tables on the market – a stand-alone table and tabletop foosball table. The former is larger and more expensive than the latter.

Some of the factors you should consider when buying a foosball table include the following:

Table size

When purchasing foosball tables, it is good to consider the space for the players, as well as the length of the playing rods that will protrude from each side. Experts recommend a playing space of about 7 by 8 feet. However, if you are purchasing a foosball table for your kids, consider purchasing a smaller version that will take up less space. It is also important to consider the materials used. It is always good to purchase a table made from solid wood pr composite because these materials are durable.

If you make sure to consider the factors discussed, you are likely to purchase foosball tables or billiards tables that are durable and that meet your tastes.