Best Ways to Advertise a Work from Home Company

Work from home companies keep growing each year. These companies, also known as mid-level marketing business opportunities, let you earn money for selling products to others. You can work for Avon or Mary Kay and sell makeup, offer Tupperware to customers or even sell jewelry, home decorations and coupon books. No matter what you want to sell, you need to find ways to draw attention to your products and get customers to turn to you. Those who run their own work from home companies often rely on a few great advertising methods.

Work from Home Company

Advertising on Your Car

Auto detailers and painters can often make vinyl wraps that are similar to large stickers that you place on your car. As getting those signs off later when you start selling other products or change your product range is hard, you may opt for simple magnets instead. Car magnets include the name of your company, phone number and the type of product you sell. You can even use matching stickers that affix to the rear window of your vehicle. When you use your car for your company, you can deduct a portion of your costs on your taxes.

Leave Order Books Out

Companies like Scentsy, Tupperware and Avon have websites and give those who work from home the chance to create their own independent sales sites within that main page. You can give out that link to customers and let them place orders without calling your first. Those companies offer traditional paper catalogs as well that help you reach potential customers. Include the URL of your website and your contact number on the back of each one. Leave those catalogs in grocery stores, hair salons, laundromats and other local businesses.

Use Signs

When you own a traditional business, you use signs as a way to inform customers about your company and the goods or services that you offer. You can do the same thing when working from home. While you might not need major retail signage like a local bank or restaurant uses, you will need some type of sign that you put in your front yard. Opt for smaller signs that look similar for placing near the sidewalk and on corners around your town. Using a range of sign types and other advertising methods can help your work from home business grow and reach more people.