Are You In The Lookout For A Position To Teach English Job In China?

Looking for a career change or a new beginning? You have come to the right place. The presence of teaching experience will help you get yourself teach English job in China. The only eligibility requirement to apply for the job is that you should be within 18-55 years old and a graduate or above. The TOEFL/TESOL accreditation is preferred in most schools, but is not mandatory. So, if you have been looking for an exciting change, or a looking for better monetary opportunities abroad, then you may like to check out the lucrative teaching job offers in various towns and cities in China.

The plus points of teaching English in China

Teach English Job In China

The coveted Z Visa that allows you to secure a teaching experience in China legally is secured by the efforts of the inviting public school, college or private language school or international school. The flight costs are borne by the host school. The health insurance is also looked after, which ensures medical security.

Most schools offer accommodation, but will otherwise help in securing decent accommodation and provide an allowance for the same. The salary is approximately at 10000-22000 RMB, keeping in mind the low cost of living in the country. The teach English job in China is thus both lucrative and safe.

Let us not forget the learning experience

Once you are settled in your host school, there starts the journey of teaching your students a new language. You will be expected to spend about 20 hours a week in the classroom and also assume some administrative duties.  Managing the classroom ambience and establishing a two-way interaction channel with the students and the parent community is of paramount importance.

The curriculum is sacrosanct and the teaching plan should be formulated accordingly. There is great importance given to formulating a developmental progress plan which helps to evaluate and grade the students. It is also the teacher’s responsibility to prepare reports on the same. Proficient teachers create proficient student. Strong leadership skills are much appreciated in keeping classrooms well behaved and engaged.

There are plenty of other activities that you can indulge in while conducting your teaching job in China. Try and work in some Mandarin lessons in your schedule and learn about the local culture. The rich and varied cultural fabric of China will surely be a win-win learning experience for you!