Anyone Used Pr Kick For Crowdfunding Pr?

30 mentions and news features per week. That is what PR Kick averages for their crowdfunding clients. Major newspapers such as USA Today and The New York Times, and publications such as Fast Company and Fortune have given PR Kick client’s first page coverage for projects shown on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Crowdfunders praise the PR Kick team for their proactive, detail oriented approach to every project and making the client an active participant in the process, pushing them to achieve their funding goals.

While these facts make PR Kick the leading PR agency for crowdfunders, people want to know what is really being said so you can know exactly what to expect. Here is just a small sample of reviews that actual clients of PR Kick have said:

PR Kick is one of most results-oriented crowdfunding PR services that contacted us on our Kickstarter. They are true crowdfunding experts who over deliver on their promises. I will use them again next year on our 3rd project.”

“We used PR Kick on our last Kickstarter and we were immediately impressed by their speed and professionalism. Time is of the essence! Their reputation among experienced crowdfunders is probably not comparable with any other crowdfunding services I’ve heard of.”

“We used their full marketing plan called the Full PR Kick plan for our lndiegogo campaign. They gave us a flexible payment option which helped tremendously. They cared about our financial situation and helped make it work… PR Kick went above and beyond for us, answering every question we had, and giving us tools to help us succeed even after we got funded.”

“Don’t use PR Kick unless you’re ready to get your project noticed in a big way! We saw significant growth in our social media engagement, up to 50% on some platforms over the previous month, as well as some great PR coverage on coveted blogs. We were featured in publications that I knew PR Kick had targeted specifically for our industry.  PR Kick helped my first crowdfunding project overcome all odds and get funded!”

“Their reach of journalists and crowdfunding supporters is vast Working with PR Kick is like sitting down in your board room, with your closest colleagues, who care about your project’s success, and are committed to hitting your funding goal on time.During our first crowdfunding project I worked with them, we definitely had enough media coverage to keep the momentum going… We were featured in publications that I knew PR Kick had targeted specifically for our industry. All in all, they performed excellently and we saw more than enough results to recoup their small fee.

Anyone Used Pr Kick For Crowdfunding Pr

What makes PR Kick stand out is their ability to understand your business. Their team created very personalized and unique PR content that represented us perfectly. They also targeted the right media outlets and did everything in a timely fashion. They waste no time, which was important for us because we only had a few weeks left on our project! We really developed a strong connection with their team and spoke almost everyday during the Kickstarter campaign.

They’re easy to work with and very caring when it comes to you realizing your dreams.

As one of the most popular crowdfunding forums, we don’t endorse any crowdfunding services until we take a close look at their track record and the methods they use. PR Kick is an effective and appropriate way to promote your crowdfunding project without being too pushy or annoying. They feature it in front of people who already want to see your stuff. For that reason they are doing a good service to crowdfunders for their ethical marketing approach.

There’s two things that make PR Kick different: One is their level of crowdfunding expertise and their skill at crowdfunding PR. The second is their ability to work seamlessly with our team. A lot of times, it feels like there’s not two separate teams, but just one. I believe that is their key to making any crowdfunding project successful.

These reviews were taken from a number of sources, including interviews and formal commentary I came across during my online research. Some of the comments obviously had to be shortened so you can capture the basic message, but be assured there were a number of crowdfunders who had a lot more to say about PR Kick.

Those who wrote about PR Kick were nothing but positive and complimentary. The well-written reviews are a clear indication of what type of clients choose to use the PR Kick service. PR Kick is as selective with the projects they accept as their clients are about who they will use to work with their critical projects. For those seeking a crowdfunding company, take into consideration the selectivity PR Kick uses to choose which clients and projects to accept that will produce a mutually satisfactory result.

Begin your search by looking at PR Kick as a solution to your crowdfunding needs. We are the right PR business to make your business more successful. You are invited to stop by and see how we turn an idea into a reality.