Another Way of Looking at Health as Wealth

We’ve heard of the adage “health is wealth” before. It’s simple; for the longest time we’ve taken it to mean that our health is very important and should always be a top priority. It is a valuable asset that lets us function and accomplish our everyday tasks.

Indeed, health is bigger than any capital that we can build. It is our fuel, and for whatever reason we have for calling in sick, we’re still missing days whenever our bodies fail. That’s why as high-functioning individuals looking to be more successful, we have take extra steps in ensuring that we are in top shape always.

Looking at Health as Wealth

Tougher times means rougher life

We all relate to stress. Every day is a day full of things to plan, accomplish, deliver, and survive, and it seems the norm to us. But, looking at the whole picture, it’s actually much worse: we are not only stressed, but we are more stressed now than in any point in time. The pace in which we catch up with everything that surrounds is fast failing, and it continues to show in our health and appearance.

We are stressed therefore we feel stressed and look stressed. Our anxieties build up and make themselves known. That’s why we find avenues to cope. We look for healthier eating options that help us detoxify, we also look for natural beauty products to use like the ones we find in Well Within Beauty, and from time to time, if the budget permits, we pamper ourselves by going to spas or yoga therapy sessions. If the pains of daily hassle won’t go away, we can at least lessen them, by letting our natural health win after every day.

A focus on workplace wellness

Let’s get this out of the way: healthcare is the great oxymoron that keeps our health at bay by costing an arm and a leg. This is why it’s a direct responsibility by companies and employers to ensure that their workers are in an efficient healthcare program. But this is as less about an obligation and more of culture.

From top to bottom, the workplace is guilty of building cultures and harbouring behaviours that put our well-being in constant check. That’s why it is an imperative that the environment we encounter at work is always supportive, accommodating, engaging, and boosts our morale and efficiency. A good place to work at is a place where managers enact a sound strategy to keep the workers encouraged and stimulated to deliver, and where their physical health is open to better, healthier options and preventive solutions as well. Such a company thrives, and its workers with it.

Feeling good is doing more

More than the daily stress or the pressure in the workplace, we take care of ourselves because when we have a sound mind and body, when we look good and feel good, we feel like we can do more, and science seems to be on our side on this one. This study shows that people who are more pleasing and attractive tend to be more productive and are perceived as a greater asset hence gets rewarded more.

Aside from work, we are also more functional when we think and look like a high-functioning person. That is why we go great lengths to keep our diet in check, sign up for routine gym and exercise time, and invest in natural skin care, because these are aspects of our routine that we can work with in order to be and feel healthy. It’s more a process than a cycle; a healthier lifestyle involves the mind most, and if we think that we are healthy, and that we want to be healthy, then we naturally veer towards such a lifestyle.

We can’t avoid the war that is our daily work, that’s why we need to shield and protect our best weapon, our bodies, as best we can.