All You Need To Know About Skills Future Singapore!

Skills Future is an amazing scheme announced by the government of Singapore to deepen and broaden the skills of people. It aims to keep both the active and non-active job seekers relevant with the work landscape which is becoming increasingly competitive and complicated. The scheme includes subsidies, revamped training programs, and various study awards. Apart from the supported courses for mid-career workers, the scheme will also offer cash grant to all the Singaporeans who are above the age of 25 so that they can easily afford their training.

Skills Future Singapore has gone all-out to bring the entire thing into the individual’s hands by promising them money which they can actually use to empower themselves. Government involved here is only an ‘enabler’; it is the individual who is an implementer. Keeping this thing in mind, this scheme is intently devised to encourage Singapore learners and workers by funding them for training courses.


How Can You Use the Credit?

The initial amount given to Singaporeans under this scheme is $500. You can only use this credit for education and training purposes. Any Government supported training course including courses at universities, polytechnics and other institutes like LaSalle College of the Arts are covered under this credit. Skills Future Credit can also contribute in subsidizing for the courses offered by the Workforce Development Authority (WDA). You can either use this credit for a short-term training course where you can pay the amount immediately or you can accumulate the money to pay for more significant training in the near future.

Deciding the course and organization can be done according to your preference. The only thing government wants to ensure is that Singaporeans are using this money to master new and required skills for their workplaces. You can benefit a lot from this scheme and learn necessary skills that will effectively contribute to your respective company.

What Are The Intended Study Awards?

Skills Future Singapore also involves the Skills Future Study Awards scheme. Whether the professionals are in the early phase of their careers or in the mid-career phase, they are accountable for these awards. The main aim of this scheme is to strengthen the skills of employees that are into the sectors like advanced manufacturing, smart and viable urban solutions, applied health sciences, Asian and global financial services and logistics and aerospace.

A financial award of up to $5,000 is given to the recipients of this study award. This grant can be used to cover the costs usually needed in education and training related to the work. If the recipient already has professional skills in his niche areas, he can financially support himself with this cash for developing other proficiencies such as cross-cultural and business abilities. The government is acquiescently favoring the employees or job seekers of the above-mentioned sectors. So, if you are looking forward to making your career in any of these sectors, you can expect a great support for the steady progression of your career because of this award.

Who Else Can Benefit From This Initiative?

This remarkable initiative was taken by Singapore’s government also intends to empower the mid-career professionals. Singapore workers who are of the age 40 and above can enjoy a minimum of ninety percent course fee subsidy under the Skills Future Singapore scheme. They can use this subsidy on any course funded by WDA at the undergraduate, diploma and post diploma degree level. Because mid-career professionals will likely be busy with their on-going jobs and works, it will be difficult for them to take out enough time for such training courses. Therefore, a wide array of flexible and modular learning options will be introduced under the scheme that can work according to their busy schedules.

Thus, professionals in the mid phase of their careers can learn relevant skills and lessen their financial burden by tapping their Skills Future credit.

The scheme has promised to empower almost two million people of Singapore in its initial stage. It is an outstanding step taken by the government to help employees and job seekers upgrade themselves. The training courses opted by people will definitely improve their competitive edge and will keep them relevant to fast changing economy and job market. There is a long list of courses covered under the scheme. In short, this program has something for everyone.