We have all consumed nuts and literally gone ‘nuts’ especially on the roasted ones. Nuts have been part of our diet from ancient times, it is not only food humans but animals and birds have nuts as part of their staple diet. Pre-historic humans consumed acorns, pistachios, water chestnuts and wild almonds, they had devised an assortment of tools to crack open the nuts.

Mixed Nuts

Forms of nuts in the markets

Nuts are categorised by their size, variety and forms in the market. For example- almonds are found in the butter form, flakes, powder, as whole or blanched.

The nuts are brought from their best producers from all over the world so the consumers can relish the original and inherent taste of that region and get the authentic flavour too. For example- macadamia nuts from Australia, Brazil nut midgets from Bolivia, hazel nut kernels from Turkey, pistachio kernels from Iran and so on.

These Mixed Nuts are brought to your table so you can have the best in the nutrition and taste of the world and only consuming the local produce.

Different combinations of nuts

Nuts can be bought now in different combinations as per your needs, they are used just for snacking or other culinary preparations. Now a days,’ every dish has an element of nut to add crunchiness to the dish. This could be an option if you are allergic to nuts. Nuts though form a part of every cuisine in the world and great option when fasting or trying to gain weight for those who want options for snacking healthy; nuts provide a healthy solution which may appear a little heavy on the pocket but tons of benefit in the long run for sure.

Buying and storage of nuts

Purchase of whole nuts is polar and they can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated. Moisture and heat should not be anywhere near nuts as they go rancid and taste bitter which cannot be consumed. Shelled nuts can be got raw or roasted, salted or seasoned with other spices. They can be dry roasted or with oil. Refrigeration sure helps their shelf life. Nuts can be available still in green as fresh. While buying nuts we should choose the ones which are crisp and plump, wrinkled or shrivelled ones may be perishable faster. Unshelled nuts  have a longer shelf life. Nuts which are processed with more salt and oils have shorter shelf life. Airtight containers for shelled nuts as for unshelled few weeks at room temperature , sealed containers for about  3 to 4 months.

Tips to get optimum benefits

Nuts soaked give more nutritional value, many nuts such as almonds and walnuts have a more appealing tart after soaking as the tannins are rinsed away also dust settled to gets washed away, helps in the purée recipes. The body absorbs the nuts better this way. Soaking can be done from anywhere between 20 minutes to 3 hours.

Since it has come has new health fad and people are going ga ga over nuts,’shell’ out some money get the nuts for healthier you.