Air Conditioners: What to Consider

When looking for a new air conditioning system, it is important to remember that these systems are frequently custom designed for the buildings in which they are to be installed. Air conditioning systems are not the type of project where “one size fits all.” Instead, systems are designed to meet a building’s exact needs. When looking into what air conditioning Kent based companies have to offer, here are some key things to consider:

Space Size

The size of the space to be cooled is one of the most important things that needs to be considered. The size of the space determines the air conditioner size that must be used. Air conditioner output is measured in BTUs. For example, if you need to cool 350 square metres, approximately 21,000 BTUs per hour will be required. If you need to cool 700 square metres, approximately 34,000 BTUs will be needed.

Consumption of Energy

The system’s energy consumption is another important factor to consider. As compared to older systems, new systems are quite efficient. This improved efficiency can help you keep costs down. Although it frequently costs a bit more to install a new high-efficiency model, the money savings year after year on operating costs are worth the extra installation cost.

Humidity Removal

Sometimes a home can feel a bit humid and damp when an air conditioner unit is running. When this is the case, it is generally a sign that the AC unit is not functioning as it should. In fact, air conditioners are designed to remove humidity, not make the air feel even more humid. When the unit is running, a home should feel less humid as well as cooler. If your home tends to be damp, especially if it is so damp that you are struggling with mold, this is a sign that an air conditioner may be needed.

Existing Ductwork

Your existing heating system setup is something else you will want to consider. If your home has electric baseboard heaters, this means you probably do not have a lot of ductwork within your walls to work with. If you already have central air conditioning, this means that the required ducts already exist within the walls. In this case, the same ductwork can be used, and the installer only needs to connect the air conditioner unit to the existing duct system. If the same ducts can be used, installation costs will be lower.

Electric Costs

When looking into what air conditioning Kent based companies can provide, electric costs must be considered. While it is true that an air conditioner unit will have electric costs associated with it, you are likely already paying high electric bills due to using ceiling fans and box fans. When an AC unit is installed, the need for fans is reduced, thus lowering the cost of running those devices.