A New Way To Show That Emma Watson Is A Supporter Of “Times Up”

How better can you support an initiative? There are different ways to show that you are supporting. But people always look out for different technique to move the camera lens towards them. To meet such a challenge, Emma Watson has been successful. In the Oscar party when everyone is putting sons of the “Times up”, she made a tattoo on her hand.

For her only wearing the pins is not enough to support. It should be on her hands to make the news. so she is ready with the tattoo on her arms to support the Times up with a new vibe. Lots of Hollywood celebrities including Logan Lerman, Troian Bellisario, Bob Simonds in Hollywood Reporter etc. appreciated the idea of Emma Watson for supporting this initiative.

Do you know about the Times up

The “times up” is an initiative that has been started by women. Those are the women who are involved with the industry work- be it Hollywood or any other. They are making their voice out for the equality at work. It is also combating with the sexual harassment at the work place. So it is the voice of the women. Emma Watson has been supporting since its inception. She has expressed her support towards the “Times up” on various social media and networks. Again she showed up her full support through the tattoo on her hand at the award party.

Support of Watson for “times up”

Watson has been well known to be socially supportive to strong initiative. She has donated $1.4 billion to the justice and equality fund of UK. She also signed a letter for the British women in the industry of entertainment to make this movement globally popular. So she has the right to make the tattoo and create new news for her.

 Isn’t it is a good way to show her support while others are just wearing the pins for the support?

But still there is something missing that is being criticized for her tattoo. So how would Emma manage the criticize now?

The tattoo that was made on her hand is without apostrophe. Now that is appoint which does not show the support for that particular initiative. So what is the meaning of making such a tattoo on her hand?

But Emma managed to cover up this point too. She wrote on her twitter that it is a fake tattoo where the space for proof reading is available. She would experience a tattoo of times up with apostrophe and it is a must. Thus this funny tweet has overcomes the grammatical error of the tattoo. No more way to criticize her

So we are waiting for the next wonder that she would be showing us. Well that can be on anything- whether time sup or other thing. We will be eagerly waiting for her to make the tattoo of times up with the apostrophe. That would be the best thing that she can do for the times up now. Emma is giving a new way to think over anything.

If you are supportive towards any initiative then follow her. But don’t ever forget to put the apostrophe with the name. you can avoid the proofreading  portion that Emma has done.