A Guide to Choosing School Custodial Services for Principals

Are you a principal struggling to find good school custodial services? Use this guide to hire the right people for your school.

There are more than 2.3 million custodians working throughout the U.S., and the field is growing at a rapid rate.

Custodians play an important role in our society, and they’re needed to keep all kinds of buildings clean, from office buildings to schools.

Are you a principal who needs help finding the right school custodial services? If so, keep reading.

Explained below is everything you need to know about hiring a professional custodial company to keep the halls of your school sparkling.

Write a Clear Job Description

In order to bring the right person or team of people onto your staff, you need to start with a clear job description.

Make sure people know right from the start what you’re looking for in a custodial team. This will make it easier for you to weed out people who don’t meet the basic qualifications you’ve put in place.

In your job description, emphasize the fact that the people who make up the custodial team will be working around children as well as adults.

Be clear about the type of worker you want to hire. At the bare minimum, that ought to be someone who is a good communicator, pays attention to detail, and is able to follow instructions with ease.

School Custodial Services for Principals

Review Resumes with Care

When you’re looking at resumes and applications from custodial services or individual custodians, be sure to set aside time to review them with care. Don’t give them a cursory glance and move on to other matters.

Remember, these people will be responsible for keeping your school a safe and clean place for your students and the rest of your staff. You need to take the hiring process seriously to ensure you’re bringing on the best person for the job.

Pay special attention to the experience each applicant has. Find out where they’ve worked, how long they worked there, and what kind of work they did while in that position.

Look Out for Red Flags

Whenever you’re looking to hire someone who will be spending time around children, it’s important to be especially vigilant about looking for red flags.

One of the biggest red flags is having had multiple jobs over a very short period of time.

You also ought to pay attention to how the statements they make during the interview match up with what’s listed on their resume or application. If there are disparities in what they say and what they’ve written, that’s definitely a bad sign.

Run Background Checks

It’s also important to run background checks on every applicant. If you’re hiring a whole custodial service, be sure to check out everyone who’s employed by that service.

Running a thorough background check will help you ensure you’re not hiring someone who might be a danger to your students or other members of your staff. Remember, you can never be too careful.

Consider Their Attitude Toward Children

During your interviews, don’t forget to ask the applicants about their attitudes toward children. Make sure they understand what kinds of tasks are involved in being a custodian in a school and gauge their reaction.

Your custodial team may not be spending a ton of time interacting directly with students. However, they will have to engage with them from time to time, and they need to be able to do so in a friendly and non-intimidating way.

If they can’t do this, or if they make it clear that they don’t like children, that’s a sign that they might not be a good fit for the job.

Check References

Always ask for references. Then, be sure to contact those references.

It’s easy for people to write down names and random phone numbers. Make sure that the people they’ve listed are real and can vouch for the applicant’s work.

If someone doesn’t provide you with references, or if their references don’t have positive things to say about them, you probably don’t want them working at your school.

Ask About Products Used

If you’re bringing on a custodial service that works on other schools or buildings, they may have a preferred collection of cleaning products that they use at every job.

Be sure to ask about these products and find out which brands they use. Then, do some research to learn more about these brands and make sure they don’t contain any chemicals that may be harmful to your students.

It’s best for your custodial staff to avoid using harsh chemicals, especially when cleaning classrooms and areas where students spend a lot of time. Exposure to these chemicals may trigger allergies and other health problems in some students.

Ask About Additional Services

Some custodial services handle more than just cleaning for schools. If you need help with additional maintenance tasks, consider looking for a service that offers them.

For example, many services help with things like yard care and outdoor cleanup. They may also handle tasks light painting, window cleaning, and handyman projects like assembling furniture and helping with installations.

These kinds of services aren’t essential for you to keep your school clean. However, if you find a service that handles a wide range of tasks for you, you can save money and avoid having to hire a different individual or team to help with them.

Hire School Custodial Services Today

It’s essential that your school be neat and clean at all times, and the right school custodial services can make that much easier for you.

Keep these tips in mind as you begin your search so you can find a service that will be able to handle the responsibility of keeping a school clean.

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