A Brief Guide to Office Space in Brisbane’s CBD

Brisbane’s CBD

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If you’re lucky enough to run a business in the beautiful city of Brisbane, you already know why it’s an amazing place to live and work. Not only is it home to some of the finest bars and restaurants in Australia, but it is also a prime location for investors and entrepreneurs. Part of the reason for this is the quality of the office space in Brisbane CBD (central business district).

This is award winning, world-class rental space. It’s a case of luxury skyscraper suites, best in class software, and impeccable interiors. In fact, businesses have their pick of rentals, as Brisbane CBD is home to a variety of corporate environments. They cover everything from highly sustainable, green structures to ultra-modern, minimalist buildings.

This guide to the best offices in Brisbane will help you find a home in this lively, thriving city.

Traditional Vs. Serviced

The first big decision you need to make is the choice between convention and innovation. Traditional, long-term leases aren’t always suitable, particularly in an age of mobile communication and remote access. Fortunately, serviced offices provide an alternative.

They come in the form of privately held leases, but the arrangement is a package deal. For the rental rate, tenants get both the physical suite and all of its logistical utilities. There is only one monthly fee, and it includes lighting, heating, security, air conditioning, cleaning, and more.

Looking in the Right Spots

There are several of these serviced offices in Brisbane CBD, so you do have the option to work with a provider of this nature. All of the finest facilities are located in highly sought after neighbourhoods. For instance, spots on the waterfront are very popular with entrepreneurs.

They place businesses at the heart of the action, close to or in the middle of major leisure and retail hotspots. It’s an important feature because investors tend to limit their interest to these busy districts. They’re also a draw for local talent and have a positive impact on recruitment.

Introducing Some of the Best Addresses in Brisbane

Riparian Plaza, Eagle Street

Just off Eagle Street, you’ll find Riparian Plaza. It is home to a number of office buildings, and they include a serviced facility. The neighbourhood itself is an excellent pick for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The fifty-storey skyscraper here is one of the most recognisable structures in the whole of Brisbane, and it contains a multitude of luxury suites.

Santos Place, Turbot Street

Not too far from Riparian Plaza is Turbot Street. Here, you’ll find one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in the city. Santos Place is popular with entrepreneurs and flexible business models as it is green, lean, and socially aware. It also offers direct access to the attractions on the other side of the Brisbane River, via the Kurilpa Bridge.

10 Eagle Street, Eagle Street Pier

Eagle Street Pier is, arguably, the most sought-after corporate address in Brisbane CBD. It is certainly one of the liveliest, as it is home to the acclaimed restaurant district. People from all over Australia and the world flock here to enjoy the attractions. While office rates can be extremely high, serviced providers offer a manageable way to balance the expense of a world-class location.

Why a Serviced Office Might Be the Right Option

It’s worth keeping in mind the fact that ‘going serviced’ offers an unrivalled amount of flexibility and control. Unlike a traditional long-term lease, these contracts are operated on a rolling basis, and they don’t lock tenants in. When you want to leave, there’s no fear of penalties or charges.

Not only that, but many serviced providers aid tenants with their plans for expansion. It’s possible that, if you work with a flexible vendor, it will help you up or downgrade within the same building if it becomes necessary. This takes the stress out of relocation and development.