6 Questions You Need To Ask Your Plumbing Company

As a first time home owner, you probably have a long checklist to take care of and most definitely finding a plumber is one them. While you might not need one immediately, this is the one phone number you want to have stuck on your fridge. This short guide will help you ask the right questions before hiring a plumber:

Question 1:  Is their service available 24 hours?

The last thing you want is a pipe bursting in the middle of the night and you have to wait until morning for your plumber to open shop while your house floods. This could cost you a lot of money in water bills, damage your property and give you untold stress. It is important to choose a plumber who is available on call to resolve emergency repairs and implement stop-gap measures.

Question 2:  What are their plumbing expertise and capabilities?

Plumbing is a business built on trust and the starting point is knowing that the company you have chosen has the right technical expertise and experience to handle the extent of your service requirements. The last thing you want is an amateur messing around with your water heater wiring which could cause further problems. Ask for all the information you need before you sign that work order.

Plumbing Company

Question 3: Is there a guarantee or warranty on works and installations?

An expert will definitely stand by his work and a good sign of a professional is a realistic guarantee of their work and offering warranties on any parts or installations they provide. This will not only help you manage your maintenance budget, but it will also give you the peace of mind you need as far as repairs are concerned. An example of plumbing companies offering customers extended guarantees and warranties is Ben Franklin Plumbing.

Question 4: Do they have any references or customer reviews?

It is good practice to make it your business to know whether other customers are happy with the company’s service. With this internet age, it is much easier to find reviews online and if this is not possible, ask the company to provide you with references. If other customers are not happy, then there is definitely no reason to believe that your reaction to their work will be any different.

Question 5: What equipment or technology do they use?

While plumbing is more of a manual job, professional companies have invested in modern equipment for purposes of detecting leaks at the exact point they are located. What would happen if you hired a plumber and they suggested that they had to tear down walls and floors to find the leak? It is important to choose one with the right tools of trade.

Although there are many other questions to be asked before making this important decision, the above offer a highlight of the direction you need to take when choosing a plumber. Remember to also compare the services offered with the price tag to ensure that you get a good bargain for good service.