6 Explosive Social Media Strategies that Work Wonders

Social media marketing in Fairfield and around the world requires work, but if you utilize the right social media strategies, it doesn’t have to be too much work.  Here are six social media marketing strategies that will help you with social media marketing in Fairfield.

Connect By Telling Stories (Don’t Sell)

The worst way to connect with a customer is to try to sell them something right off the bat. Instead of selling your services or goods on social media, tell stories about how they have changed people’s lives, how people have used them in general, or just something unique about your company.

Stories that ring true work wonders for sales and they are easy for users to share on social media.

Social Media Strategies

Encourage Interaction

Encouraging interaction with your customers is important.  When they comment on your social media accounts or tag your account, make sure that you are replying.  People do not like the idea of a business being a remote object, by interacting with them, you help to humanize your business.

It also shows that your company has real people, ready to answer questions, help with complaints, or just listen.

Both Create And Share Content

Part of having a social media presence is creating good content to put on social media.  Having pictures and videos is an important part of any business’s social media page.  Make sure that you are regularly and constantly developing content for your audience, whether it be people using your product/services, or just other related content.

Don’t forget to share content from other people.  Such as other’s pictures and videos that include your product. For more details, visit https://firebrandsocialmedia.com/.

Regular Promotions

There is no easier way to get followers on social media platforms than offering promotions for those who follow you.  Some companies do 5% of your first purchase when you follow them on Facebook for example.  It doesn’t have to be a big offer, just interesting enough for people to want to follow you.

Contests Are Great

Contests can help attract attention to your social media page as people will quickly start sharing them and get the word out there for you in the hope of being the winner.  There are so many contests that you can run.  A recreational company runs a regular social media contest where they have followers guess the number of BBs in a jar.

Pay Attention To Your Social Media Accounts

The last thing that you should ensure that you are doing is paying attention to your social media accounts.  For example, if everyone wants a certain feature to be added, see what you can do to add it.  Or if people are constantly complaining about a specific detail, fix it and let them know on social media.

Social media is one of the biggest and quickest ways to find out what the world thinks of you and your company.  Keeping them satisfied is keeping your customer base happy!