5 Ways to Combine Your SEO and PR Strategies

In a digital age, it’s tempting to see SEO and PR activities as being different functions of marketing and communication, especially when they are typically delivered by different teams of specialists. However, there are actually great potential gains to integrating the functions in order to deliver online benefits. Let’s look at five tactics to try.

SEO and PR Strategies

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Knowledge Transfer

One obvious gain is to have your two functions share their knowledge. PR pros tend not to know about the impact of earned online media on keyword rankings, and SEO practitioners tend not to understand the different ways in which PR pros can generate quality inbound links and content sources for optimisation.

Knowledge Transfer

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Earn Coverage and Link Optimisation

From this point, the SEO team can support PR activities by ensuring that all earned coverage in digital media includes optimised links. These are things such as unpaid stories and corporate press releases. The SEO team can select those keyword links that will provide a ranking boost and help to select the right URLs.

Media Outreach Management

Outreach strategies are likely to be a large part of a company’s marketing strategy, so it makes sense to clarify which influencer relationships each team owns to avoid confusion. For example, content marketing can own blogger relationships, and mass media outlet relationships can be owned by the PR team. Work together to be organised and to avoid duplicate work. You can also outsource this activity to a provider of London professional SEO services. Find out more at https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/.

Link on Stories and Messages

It’s inevitable that similar stories will be released from the company at the same time, so all teams that are responsible for content creation should link on their messaging, timing and channels to avoid any confusing topics or themes. An overall calendar can be very useful here to keep everyone linked in.

Sharing Content

Content creation is timely and expensive, so share what is being produced so that it can be repurposed for different audiences. For example, if your content team creates an infographic for a blogger to share, then pass it to the PR team to see if a mass media outlet will also pick up on it. Think collaboratively and strategically and you’ll reap greater gains from your hard-earned efforts – with better KPIs to evidence your approach.