5 Things Businesses Should Be Doing To Retain Staff

A high staff turnover can have negative effects on your business, leaving other employees feeling demotivated and managers lacking time due to training and interviews. If you are finding your staff turnover is high then start looking for the root of the problem.

To help you do this here are 5 things businesses should be doing to actively keep their staff.

Check Management Structure

According to a survey undertaken by Citation who are experts in Employment Law 55% of UK respondents have quit their job in less than one year, with almost 70% of them claiming it’s due to bad management.

Bad management can mean a number of things but being micromanaged and a lack of understanding to personal circumstances are examples of the issue found in today’s workforces.

When trying to identify the root of the issue, you should speak to management and juniors because you could find a common theme.

Helping People Settle In

To ensure new employees feel welcome providing good training, management, positive feedback and team activities can ensure they are settling in nicely.

In addition, something a little simpler is to speak to the new starters. This can be effective helping both parties get to know one another and settle in quicker.

Providing company Benefits

Having company benefits can have positive effects on employees with people thinking twice before looking to leave. Benefits with the greatest value are annual leave, a bonus, sick pay and a good pension, according to Citation’s research.

Quirky benefits such as bring your pet to work day, or a cycle to work scheme can also work well and bring an element of fun to the workplace.

When it comes to providing company benefits don’t be afraid to think out of the box because they don’t have to cost a pretty penny.

Providing extra work spaces

Sitting at a desk all day can be dull which isn’t good for productivity. Providing workspaces away from your desk can increase productivity by encouraging discussion between staff and enhancing creativity.

Open plan designs are extremely popular now, along with outdoor spaces, which help people feel relaxed.

By providing these alternative desks you are giving people some freedom and showing an understanding for their wellbeing, which is only a good thing in today’s world.

Flexi Time

A real buzzword now is ‘flexi time’. With more people wanting to take control of their time and valuing their families more and more, flexible working hours can give people the best of both worlds.

When referring to new starters this is something that will be a relatively new concept and you may find they are extremely happy with this perk. It is something that allows employees to have a lifestyle that works for them and do their chosen career.

These pointers will help steer you in the right direction and hopefully you will see your staff turnover decrease. For more stats about the latest survey from Citation please see the infographic below.

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