5 Surprising Art Niches For Businesses

Over the years, businesses have been able to fine tune market analytics thanks to the internet. What’s interesting is the data accumulated in art niche still proves to be an area more difficult to quantify, and specifically about which types of art sells best.

This is inherently based on the type of art and the abstract nature of art itself. It’s interesting to note however, that some niches do quite well regardless of what people might expect as possibly being too old or traditional.

Surprising Art Niches For Businesses

1.) Paintings. FeltData reports that the top selling art and media items include such works as oil and acrylic paintings, offset-litho prints, giclee prints, watercolours, and artist’s original prints. The latter also includes etchings and engravings. For those who create their art in bulk, there are online service models like frameology.com to order custom prints and picture frames on demand.

2.) Historical and Religious Books. These two niches cover a broad range of topics when you really think about it. In Barnes and Nobles Top 100 Book Bestsellers of 2016, you will find religion, prophecy, ancient and modern history, Harry Potter, and spiritual books among the top best-selling positions. What do they have in common? Suspense! It’s why suspense and romantic novel writers also sell so many books!

3.) Coloring Books. The coloring book trend over the last few years has been hot according to the Washington Post. This is particularly true for adult coloring books, which apparently serve as mindfulness techniques that function similar to meditation and Yoga. Essentially, there is a calming effect on the Sympathetic Nervous System occurring with hand to eye coordination.

4.) Hemi-Sync and Binaural Beats Music. Believe it or not, hemisphere synchronization has a similar effect to coloring books, except that the focus of stimulus occurs as waves of frequencies sounding and resounding through the ears. Utilizing such patterns of vibrations has found success in various healing and therapeutic modalities. The legendary Robert Monroe’s Hemi-Sync  resources are a great example of a successful business and educational resource.

5.) Fashion Design and Startups. Everything from jewelry, makeup, apparel and accessories are hot selling markets. Those offering the keys to unlock the doors to the fashion market right now are doing quite well! Femtrepreneur reports that there are very few people teaching online fashion courses for businesses, and Julie Mollo takes you through her fashion brand featured in the article and teaches you how she got started.

By researching your preferred art niche further, you might uncover some amazing fringe niches that are ripe for introduction to the masses. This is because introducing something new and unique into the larger art market can cause ripple effects when combined with modern technology. We can only look at Microsoft’s recent Hololens mixed reality headset for evidence.

So when a presentation or website PR release is done right, while targeting the right audience at the right time … you could have a real winning business right out of the gate. If you’re a budding artist and entrepreneur, try a unique angle of approach and take the art world by surprise!