5 Reasons to Completely Refit Your Warehouse

There is no questioning that warehousing is one of the most vital tools keeping he majority of industries around the world flowing.

The storing and organising of products is incredibly important in keeping businesses working effectively and keeping customers happy all year round.

However, because of a number of factors, warehouses may find that they are simply not running on full capacity.

To help you keep ahead of these issues, or know how to rectify them complete if they do arise, here are just 5 reasons to consider completely refit your warehouse.

Types of Stock

There will be very few businesses that deal in one type of stock which is transported and packaged in a universal way.

Instead, you are likely to stock a number of different sized products, which come in a variety of sizes and quantities which require different storage methods.

Storage experts Acorn Warehouse Solutions explained to us that “small businesses may start off only needing shelving units for storage, but as they grow they realise they need a complete overhaul in storage to make way for pallet racking.”

Completely Refit Your Warehouse

Extra Levels

As your business progresses and the amount of stock you handle increases, you will look to make the most out of the room you currently have.

One popular way to do this is to install a mezzanine floor in your warehouse, at least partly giving your warehouse a second floor.

These are popular because they don’t just offer a second level of storage, but erecting them doesn’t mean you loose any storage space underneath.

Improved Racking

While standard racking is a traditional and effective way of storing pallets, it is by far the most efficient.

Thanks to recent developments, there are a number of brilliant new ways to make the most of your warehouse space, which will take an entire refreshing of your racking.

Consider how mobile racking or drive in racking could make your storage facility much more productive.

Office Space

You may also find as business improves that you need more office space, particularly for the staff who occupy the warehouse.

With increased storage comes increased administration, therefore you are going to have to find room for your staff to complete this to keep your warehouse running as efficiently as possible.

Installing office cubicles in an area of the warehouse will ultimately compromise your current racking layout, at which point you might consider any of the above alternative racking methods to fit everything in.


Of course one other way you may consider refitting your warehouse is if you decide to expand it.

Adding an extension or second building to your warehouse complex will ultimately mean a restructuring of how you do things to make it as efficient as possible.

While it can sometimes be a big task to refit part of, or an entire warehouse, in the long term it will likely provide you with a more manageable, efficient and ultimately productive business structure.