2018 Top Tip: Platinum

Platinum. Rarer than gold, but rarely more precious when it comes pricing. Platinum is in many ways a more useful material, yet gold remains a constant obsession for many. But platinum has much to offer as a worthwhile asset that gold does not. Whereas gold is extremely volatile, platinum is a far more stable choice of investment. Especially in 2018. It’s always difficult to tell what price at which gold is going to settle. Hence, why a safer bet like platinum may be a better choice for investment.

At Indigo Precious Metals, we recommend platinum as the best investment you can make this year and next. Opportunity abounds for strong investment in precious metals. If you want to find out more about how investing in platinum can benefit you, visit our website at https://www.indigopreciousmetals.com/. Today, we look at the advantages of platinum over other precious metals like gold.


Why Platinum?

How much do you think gold is worth? Well, a single ounce of gold usually values at around $1,200. Platinum, on the other hand, comes in at less than $1,000. This means that gold, the world’s favorite precious metal, prices at 1.2 times more than platinum. Back in 2008, however, you could purchase platinum for approximately $2,300 per ounce. And gold was just barely over $1,000. The tables have clearly turned, with a single ounce of gold now worth more than that of platinum, the rarer metal.

While investors used to sell platinum to buy gold afterward, the record-low prices for platinum mean they are now doing the opposite. With inflation always ready to rear its head, now is the time to buy platinum for the future. Platinum is both a precious asset and a hard one, and the latter tend to do well during inflation. We predict that valuations will increase with time and you can make be sure to make an impressive investment.

Platinum Vs Gold

Furthermore, this means that just a single ounce of gold will cost around three-quarters the price of a single ounce of platinum. If we reverse this mean, then the platinum price would come out at around $1,600. Therefore, even if gold remains at a fixed price, platinum may still increase by as much as sixty percent. Demand for platinum jewelry, as opposed to gold, should also remain constant given current predictions. Platinum is often the cheaper alternative to gold, though, on a fundamental psychological level, we consider it superior. Platinum credit cards are more prestigious that gold, for instance, as is platinum album sales certification for musicians.

Yet, platinum remains the cheaper metal than gold, completely overriding this universal psychological agreement. But, don’t expect things to stay this way forever. Platinum is on the rise, so invest now before the price shoots up. The sooner you do, somewhere down the line, you’ll have a valuable asset on your hands. So sell your gold and invest in platinum. It may take a while to see the benefit, but rest assured, it’s an investment for the future you won’t regret.